ARB STIP Incentives are Live

Teddy Woodward
Teddy Woodward

We are excited to announce that ARB STIP incentives are now live on Arbitrum! Starting today, Notional V3 is distributing 500,000 ARB incentives to liquidity providers on Arbitrum.

Use Notional V3 on Arbitrum:

This is an incredibly exciting day and marks a significant milestone for Notional on Arbitrum. We think the introduction of this incentive program will catapult Notional into the next tier of Arbitrum DeFi protocols and significantly expand the protocol’s TVL.

Higher TVL on Arbitrum means better liquidity and higher yields for users and a greater footprint within the Arbitrum ecosystem for Notional. 

Incentive distribution details

  • ARB STIP incentivization begins on January 16th and lasts until March 31st 2024.
  • ARB incentivization will start at 20,000 ARB for the first week and gradually increase over the length of the contest to phase in incentives.
  • The initial set of incentivized tokens is: ETH, USDC, DAI, wBTC, wstETH, rETH, FRAX, USDT. This set of tokens can change and Notional will publish incentive rates by token on a weekly basis.
  • ARB incentives will be distributed to Notional liquidity providers directly through the protocol using the same mechanism that currently distributes NOTE incentives.
  • LPs will not need to stake their tokens in a special contract or wait for incentive airdrops. They will continuously accrue ARB incentives and will be able to claim them at will using the same functionality currently available on the Notional UI.

Initial weekly incentive rates

ETH: 4,800
USDC: 4,800
DAI: 2,000
wBTC: 400
wstETH: 2,000
rETH: 2,000
FRAX: 2,000
USDT: 2,000

Looking ahead

ARB incentives aren’t the only thing coming for Notional V3 on Arbitrum. In the coming months we will also list new leveraged vaults, host another yield contest, and join exciting marketing campaigns with other Arbitrum STIP projects!

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The Notional Team

Teddy Woodward

Co-Founder and CEO