Introducing Wrapped fCash

Jeff Wu
Jeff Wu

I’m excited to announce that Notional fCash is now available as both an ERC20 and ERC4626 token. This is a huge step towards making fixed income products a composable building block throughout DeFi, further strengthening Notional’s position as DeFi’s gold standard in fixed rate lending and borrowing.

We built wrapped fCash in collaboration with Index Coop to bridge the gap between Notional’s native ERC1155 token standard and the Set Token infrastructure and facilitate the joint launch of the $FIXED product. The code already completed a Code Arena audit contest process last month.  

Wrapped fCash unlocks these potential use cases:

  • Integration with Set Token infrastructure to build the FIXED product suite.
  • ERC4626 enables DAOs and yield aggregators to easily get exposure to high yielding fixed income.
  • Trading fCash on Uniswap v3 or Balancer
  • Listing fCash as collateral on lending protocols like Aave, Compound, or Maker
  • Integration with zk rollup projects like Aztec and zkSync. (Zero gas cost lending anyone?)
  • And many more…

Not only that, but we’ve also integrated:

To learn more, take a look at these resources:

Jeff Wu

Co-Founder and CTO