Notional V3 Beta Yield Contest

Teddy Woodward
Teddy Woodward

The Notional V3 invite-only Beta on Arbitrum is almost here and we’re offering something special for everyone who signs up - a yield contest!

Notional V3 Beta users can compete for prizes that include NFTs, 30,000 $NOTE in total rewards, and bragging rights! To win the contest, you’ll need to master Notional’s product offerings and earn the highest realized APYs of all the contestants.

Beta users can compete in one of three prize categories - the High Roller, the Fat Cat, and the Sad Sack. The winner in each category will receive that category’s NFT and a cash prize - 20,000 $NOTE for the High Roller, 7,500 $NOTE for the Fat Cat, and 2,500 $NOTE for the Sad Sack. The contest will begin when the Beta is launched and will continue for one month.

Want to see what’s new in Notional V3? Want to experiment with Notional’s new leveraged strategies and potentially win a prize? Now’s your chance. Sign up to join the Beta today!

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Notional’s beta contest will include three prize categories, so there’s a little something for everyone. Here’s more detail on each category.

The High Roller

The High Roller puts the pedal to the metal and will stop at nothing to squeeze every last drop of yield out of his capital. The High Roller is the contest’s top prize and the winner gets 20,000 $NOTE, the High Roller NFT, and all the bragging rights that come with winning.

To be the High Roller, you need to capitalize on Notional’s leveraged strategy offerings and earn the highest realized APY of all the accounts in the contest using leverage.

The Fat Cat

The Fat Cat gobbles up yield. But leverage isn’t his thing, he moves slower than the Ace.The Fat Cat would rather keep it simple, lock in a juicy yield on his capital, and not worry too much about market movements. The Fat Cat is the number two prize in the contest and the winner gets 7,500 $NOTE and the Fat Cat NFT.

To be Notional’s Fat Cat, you need to earn the highest realized APY among accounts that don’t use leverage. To do this you’ll need to stick to lending, and take your opportunity to lock in a fixed rate at just the right time.

The Sad Sack

Not everyone can be a winner. The Sad Sack struggles valiantly but just can’t catch a break. Optimizing your yield with leverage isn’t easy for anyone, and for some it’s downright impossible. We give 2,500 $NOTE and The Sad Sack NFT to the contest’s loser - the account with the most negative realized APY of them all.

To be the Sad Sack, you need to try and fail. You need to go max levered at the exact wrong time. You need to achieve the most negative realized APY of any account in the contest. But remember - losing just means you haven’t won yet.

Participating in the yield contest

If you want to prepare and start working on your strategy, hopping in the Notional Discord to chat with other contest participants is a good start. Otherwise, make sure to follow Notional on Twitter for updates regarding the launch of the Beta as well as information about a community call with the Notional Team to talk about V3, the Beta contest, and answer any questions from the community.

Good luck, anon!

Teddy Woodward

Co-Founder and CEO